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Maitri excels in de-risking offshore resourcing with its innovative approach to product development, automation and scalability. By pairing teams in Nepal with experienced executive leadership in the US, clients are assured that the appropriate accountability and oversight are provided throughout their engagements.

MAITRI (मैत्री, My-tree) means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others.

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Product Development

Maitri's team of product design experts excel in leveraging a broad spectrum of technologies to help transform your visions into scalable solutions. We work with you to design a comprehensive solution using our proven development processes. Our team partners closely with your organization’s stakeholders to identify essential system capabilities, address business obstacles, define milestones and address potential technical risks. Maitri also works with you to develop a customized product feature roadmap that allows for prioritized delivery and release of key features.
Product Design
Security Risk Assessment
Product Roadmap Workshops
Feature Design and Refinement
User Support Model
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Software Development

Maitri’s software development practices are designed with special emphasis around security, stability and performance. Maitri begins each project by reviewing complex business needs and solving them with simple and scalable architectures. Maitri’s approach to iterative development with incremental feature releases, allows for continuous incorporation of client feedback. A retrospective review is completed with each release to ensure best practices were followed and requirements have been delivered.
Architectural Design and Review
User Interface Design
Test Strategy Development
Full Stack Application Development
Mobile Application Development
System Integration / API Development
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Data Management

Maitri has expertise in handling large scale datasets and converting that information into realized value. Our approach begins with straightforward and logical data modeling tailored to meet specific reporting and analytics requirements. By integrating this data model with automated tools, Maitri ensures that valuable data can be easily accessed by stakeholders and third parties. Maitri’s data security model takes a layered approach that focuses on encryption, principles of least privilege access and storing data within secured cloud environments in the United States.
Enterprise Data Warehousing
Business Intelligence Strategizing
Data Quality
Data Modelling
Data Exchange Automation
Data Enrichment
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Operations Management

Maitri has years of experience in operational management and quickly identifies inefficiencies within current day-to-day tasks and processes. We begin by identifying department redundancies and present strategies to implement new systems and methodologies ensuring a smooth transition, with minimal disruption. We are adept at implementing best practices based on third party industry standards and providing recommendations to help automate manual tasks to streamline processes. Maitri provides system implementation and configuration services, operational oversight for existing teams and workflow, and the management of offshore personnel to offset operational costs while meeting your business objectives.
Implementation Strategies
Configuration Management Support
Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Automation
Cloud Cost Management

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Maitri's strategy for simplifying complex challenges rests on four success principles. These principles are focused on a strategic plan that aligns with client use cases, maximizing incremental delivery of software while optimizing the efforts of the development team.

Evidence-Based Solution Development

Maitri brings years of experience solving complex technical problems. We believe in applying proven technologies in line with best practices to reduce complexity and risk to your projects. Established frameworks and design patterns are the backbone for security, scalability and performance and Maitri embraces industry standards when designing and building solutions.

Future-Ready Architectural Design

Having a well-documented architectural design allows for up front risk identification and ensures a clear and shared vision for all parties. It sets the foundation for supporting scalability and performance enhancements. Maitri has a proven development process utilizing methodologies that allow for easy configuration change without rebuilding your solution from scratch.

Collaborative Offshore Execution

Due to the scarcity of quality developers in the United States today, Maitri's offshore development center in Kathmandu, Nepal, becomes an even more valuable resource. With over 15 years of offshore experience in Nepal, Maitri offers quality offshore development teams that provide a cost-effective solution for businesses, ensuring faster project delivery and reduced time-to-market, without compromising on excellence.

Partner Directed Outcomes

Maitri puts focus on both business and technical outcomes. This begins with early-stage ideation, concept validation, and business process design and concludes with product testing, prototyping, and full scale technical feature implementations. Maitri’s team of executives and engineers will be with you every step of the way during the development journey.

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